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Sony Mdr Ex51 Lp Fontopia Headphones

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Nathaniel Tran By Nathaniel Tran on
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I first purchased these headphones to use as my travelling headphones due to their compact size and the fact that it includes a carrying case that doubles as a wire spool.

The travelling case that came with the headphones is pretty much useless. It is cheaply constructed and is made of poor quality plastic. I use the case to wind up excess wire exclusively and have never used them to store the phones themselves.

The wire length is a nice medium, easily reaching from your head to your pocket without a wad of excess tangled cable hanging out of your pocket.

These headphones are very comfortable and include 3 different sizes of silicone ear plugs so that you can choose the kind that fit you best. I use the medium size ear plugs as they are very comfortable in my ear and provide a good seal.

When you wear these headphones, you can barely hear anything other than your music. This is perfect for noisy bus rides and airplane trips and makes the music sound better all around. Unfortunately this also means that you can hear yourself eating very loudly as well. If you want to see what I mean, eat some chips while plugging your ears with your fingers. Yeah. Loud. This is rather unfortunate, as eating generally goes well with music.

The sound quality of these phones is very good. The bass and treble are a little more pronounced than the mid range frequencies, making them good for hip hop, electronic music, and other bass heavy music genres, but classical audiophile fans might be somewhat disappointed. I listen to electronic music almost all the time, so they are perfect for me.

The volume capacity of these phones is not extremely loud, and you can hear bass distortion when you turn your ipod to maximum volume. This doesn't bother me a lot, however, because the isolation that these headphones provide make your music clear even at low volumes.

You will not regret buying these headphones, I have lost a pair, run over a pair with a lawnmower, and had a pair stolen, but I always get another pair because I like them so much.