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Sony Mdr Q96 Headphones

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By hachibei on
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I recently bought a pair of these headphones from an online store called DealExtreme. I was shopping there for some cables, and I came across these super-cheap headphones; they were only $5 and DealExtreme doesn't charge shipping. I decided to buy them because of 2 reasons: one, because Sony made them, and I've had good experiences with Sony ear and headphones; and two, because they look quite stylish. Unfortunately, brand and style counts for nothing when it comes to these headphones.

For starters, the sound quality is pretty bad. There's barely any bass, and while the trebal is passable, it sounds very tinny. If you listen to a lot of softer music, it doesn't sound too bad; but when it comes to rock, metal, or hip-hop, you're better off with another pair of headphones.

One of its redeeming qualities is the comfort. When wearing these, you'll barely feel them on your head. On the other hand, they feel very loose; they sort of just hang by your ears. Because of this, there's a lot of sound leakage.

In conclusion, I can't really recommend these headphones. Sure, they may be Sony branded and look cool, but the sound quality doesn't hold up, even if they were only $5. If you're on an extremely tight budget and are looking for a pair of headphones you can use at home, by yourself, then maybe you should consider these ones; but aside from that, you can probably get a better pair for a little more.

Update On Jul 31, 2008: Oh, I should also mention: When I bought these from DealExtreme, the packaging was a little suspicious; it almost looked half-opened. The only thing keeping it closed were 2 little plastic flaps. In addition, the left headphone produced a lot of static while I was listening to music. These 2 things were factors in my final score, I just forgot to mention them.