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Sony Mdr V150 Monitor Headphones

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By simpleguy93 on
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Sony has always impressed me when ever I buy their name brand products. Most other Monitoring headsets like Sony, hasn't really giving me any sign of "OMG". Well you get my drift if you're all about sound quality in headphones.

Other name brand produsts I don't want to say any names but "Coby", "JVC", "Panasonic" brands like those aren't really classified for brilliant quality; maybe because, most everybody says Sony is #1 in stores all around the world. Sony really does got if right with electronics. Especially headphones, televisions and radios, they always sound really great in sound quality but these Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups are REALLY GOOD! Big boosting sound, massive bass explosions and twitchy meth guitar sounds like you've never heard before. Their no Bose headset though, but who needs those when you got these from Sony.

I searched for different types of headphones every where online, because I wanted a really good sound besides those ear buds that everybody uses now days. NOT ME! I really need that perfect sound when listening to my iPod and Sony has answered my questions. These Monitor Headphones work real well. The monitor part means that if you are in a band and you want to listen more closely the your sound, then all you do is screw on the extra input plug-in to your bass or guitar amp and start jamming out with the headphones. The only problem that I had with them is that they broke on me over time after about 6 months of non stop using them, the great things about them, their pretty durable, most headphones aren't to durable like the Sony MDR-V150 Headphones.

Once before, I purchased some Coby headphones mostly because of the cheap price they had them for; boy did they never lost their price range! about 4 weeks ago, they lost sound and broke on me on the left side of the head-piece; know i use the other head-piece to listen to my iPod out loud with friends, at least Sony lasted longer than just 4 weeks or so. The other problem I had with the Sony headphones was the comfort, it made my head hurt, my ears ached till' they where red! The Coby headsets where a little more light in comfort but Sony wins all the time for its pure sound quality.

Like I said, sound quality means a lot more to me than just listening and moving on with what ever! I demand perfect sound and comfort through headphones and I will always be looking around for good, I mean great! headphones through the internet.

If you are really looking for just complete perfect sound and bass, these are your pick my friends, go to amazon and check them out, I'm begging you.

These Sony MDR-V150 Monitor Series Headphones with Reversible Earcups are definitely recommended for music lovers!