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Sony Mdr V300 Substance And Style

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Headphones are a great way to block out the rest of the world (or keep you from disturbing them). Sony's MDR-V300s are a set that are designed for just that in a nice looking but simple package.

The silver and black scheme of the headphones are nice and are not too 'loud' (get it) so they wouldn't be an eyesore in public. The over the head style is accomplished with a black matte plastic bridge, which is rigid. This inflexibility, coupled with the rather thin construction can be prone to cracking if you're not careful. The headphone pads are soft and sit on top of the ear instead of around it, which can take some getting used to. The wire is 10ft (that's right, ten feet) long and runs down to wherever it can reach. This length is great for getting to your rear computer audio input, or over to your electric guitar with its included 1/4" stereo adapter. This becomes a big disadvantage when you want to use them with portable music players. The end of the plug is a rigid connector that spans about 2" in length and coiling up all the excess length can be a hassle. Portable is not this set's strong suit.

The sound quality between the V200 and V300s is drastic, despite a seemingly simple palette swap between the two models. The V300s definitely have more bass and a crisper sound compared with the cheaper V200s, which can probably be attributed to the better drivers. Bass can be a little overpowering in this set, so some adjustments can be done to alleviate it, however, it's better to have the bass than have to 'fake' it with software equalizers.

The Sony MDR-V300s are a great set of headphones that have the sound quality necessary for home consumer use. They aren't professional grade by any means, and the construction leaves something to be desired, but with proper care, they can be a solid addition to a computer or a personal audio setup.