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Sony Np Qm91 D Info Lithium M Series Rechargeable

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Four years ago I received a Sony Handycam Camcorder for Christmas. I was absolutely thrilled!

The included battery, however, had a life of about 20 minutes. Ouch! I was planning on taking my camcorder on vacation and a 20 minute battery life was just not enough.

I went over to sonystyle.com to see what they had available for batteries. I ended up going all out and purchasing the NP-QM91D InfoLithium M Series Rechargeable Battery Pack for $149.

One of the selling points of this battery is that it is a quick charge battery that can be recharged in about an hour or less… This interested me as if I had used all of the battery power I could recharge it quickly over a lunch or dinnertime break. Not knowing how much battery life I would need, this sounded like a must have… and was worth the extra expense than to be on vacation and not have what I needed… especially since this was not something that I could pick up just anywhere.

This battery also says that it lasts more than 3 times the regular battery. In actuality this battery lasts me over 3 hours, so the life is much much longer than the 20 minute battery that I had.

Another feature is that the battery has a touch button on the face of the battery with a 4 light indicator that will show me how much life is left in the battery. This is quite useful when out and about to see if a recharge is needed or when the battery has been sitting for a while to see if a recharge is necessary.

The battery stores very well. I have had the battery sitting for months and it loses very little life when not in use.

Also, the battery is over four years old and works just as well as it did when it was first purchased.

The only down side is that in order to get the benefits of the quick charge you will need a quick charger, which is an additional expense. You can recharge the battery while attached to the camera with the included plug, however it will take much longer for this type of charge… so if this feature is important to you, as it was to me, you will have to also spring for a charger.

I highly recommend this battery.