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Sony Play Station 3

Reviewing: Sony Playstation 3 (80 Gb, Wi Fi)  |  Rating:
By thedefier on
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The Sony PlayStation 3 is one of the hardest products to assess as the number of its good traits is basically equal to the number of its bad ones.

Graphics is exceptional even if the best graphic-relying games have only begun coming out as even the early ones showed true next-gen GFX power. Sound is downright decent. You won't notice it often but when you do, it's because of the PS3 showing off its technological prowess. Game Selection is already at a high and continues to grow as 2008 promises the coming of grand titles such as GTA4. Accesories aren't that numerous but that Wireless Sixaxis Controller has got to be applauded for. Believe me, it's saved me from my arcade games by allowing me to play in my room's connecting bathroom.

Now, let's switch over to the cons. Perhaps the biggest con the PS3 weilds is its random crashing. Due to the PS3's Blu-Ray technology being pushed to the limit as well as the fact that is new to the gaming world, crashes are bound to occur. And nothing's more frustrating than having your PS3 crash as you're about to deliver the finishing blow on a game's hardest boss. I've found myself swearing a lot more thanks to this. But it doesn't end there. The current version I possess (80 GB, Wi-Fi) is a heavyweight and difficult to bring with you, which explains my low portability factor.

The PlayStation 3 has its pros and it has its cons. If you're filthy rich, stick with it because those crashes will definitely be minimized as time passes by. If you're having second thoughts about the PS3, then go for the Wii. For me, the PS3 may be annoying at times, but I've come to love it as it has brought the family closer together. Hoping for more family games from it soon!