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Sony Playstation Portable

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Tristan Cole By Tristan Cole on
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Wow. The Sony PSP. What more is there to say? This little gaming system is a powerhouse of fun. It can entertain you for hours.

First of what I like about the PSP is that it is so small for what it does. The thing can hold 16gb Pro Duo memory cards, play movies, show pictures, play games, browse the internet, play games, stream media, and more! I really like the looks of it. The PSP feels so good in my hands, a perfect fit. The controls are all very well placed. I do however wish that there was dual analog sticks.

The games for the system are amazing. Some of my favorites include Ratchet and Clank: Size Matters, Daxter, GTA: Liberty City Stories, Killzone Liberation, Burnout Legends, and so many more. The games are well done and easily can give you hours upon hours of play when you turn them on. The system itself has PS2 level graphics, which is phenomenal for a handheld system, and it smokes its competitors. Some games also allow you to play online and talk with a headset and such, which is amazing.

The features are amazing. Music plays very well on this system, and watching videos is better than you would expect on a 4.3 inch LCD screen. There are GPS and camera attatchments for this system also, and you can use Skype on the newer systems. The features besides gaming alone are worth the measly $200 you pay for it. You can have as many memory sticks as you want, ranging from 32mb to 16gb. The system includes wireless internet, so you can browse the internet.

The system is amazing. I recommend it to anyone, young, old, bored, busy, whatever. It is an amazing system, and is for all ages!!!