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Sony Pricing Products Affordably? Too Good To Be True!

Reviewing: Sony Stereo Headphones (Mdr Xd200)  |  Rating:
forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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Stereo Headphones

Who would have ever thought that you could find really good headphones at a price lower than $50? That's exactly what happened to me on a cold afternoon prior to last year's Christmas, and I couldn't be happier that I went out of my way, traveling a little over an hour, to find headphones that would surpass my expectations.

Looking for affordable headphones that would suit my needs, I decided to travel to the nearest J&R store to browse what they have to offer. Considering I wanted to have a good setup for recording music, I was intending on spending close to $100 for some decent headphones, knowing the luck that I've had with headphones/earphones I've purchased in the past. Despite careful handling, they would either break "magically" within the first three months of use, which would translate into wasting more money as I would constantly go ahead and spend another $10-$15 on different sets.

So that's where I decided that it's time for a change...

I browsed for about 30 minutes, with such criteria as the headphones must be fashionable to some extent, and of course, quality. After several minutes of pure indecisiveness, I saw these Sony MDR-XD200 headphones, and immediately I recalled how I saw these on Amazon days prior. These were met with favorable reviews, and were priced very reasonably. I pondered and pondered, and I finally decided to try my luck and see if these headphones were the ones I've been wanting for quite some time.

Turns out, they were.

I was impressed with almost every aspect of these headphones, including comfort, sound, and its subtle feature of switching between "Movie" and "Music" mode. The bass is on point - typically you'd hear strong bass coming from headphones priced a little more expensively. But with these headphones, you can rest assured that these will satisfy your ears' thirst for it.

Structure wise, these are highly adjustable, and that's important for someone that has a big head such as myself. However, the wire itself - well it can either be a positive or negative, depending on what you'll be using these headphones for primarily. The wire is considerably long, but can easily be combated by wrapping it to reduce its size which may be a discomfort for some. Durability, on the other hand, seems pretty sturdy for headphones that only cost me $23. With careful use, I can definitely see these headphones lasting me for at least a year, which isn't nearly the average life span of a set of ear/headphones.

With a blend of different shades of gray, silver and black, the MDR-XD200 headphones are, without question, as fashionable as I wanted my next set of headphones to be. You might get looks from others if you decide to wear these in public (which is what I do often), but that's because they want them!

If you're looking for headphones for such purposes ranging from studio recording to just kicking back and listening to music, these are for you! Priced at $23 (you can find it at lower prices online), and with all of these features, these are practically a steal!