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Sony Psp Accessory: Capdase Alumor

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Ever since owning a Sony PSP, I had been considering on purchasing other accessories that would make me enjoy the hand held even more. From all the accessories that I could ponder on, what really caught my attention was Alumor Protective Metal Case from CAPDASE.

Compared to those popular transparent hard case accessories for the PSP, mostly availed by owners that have variant colored PSPs, Alumor provides far better protection with its Soft Jacket and anodized aluminun casing. So if ever you don't want to take chances like accidentally dropping your PSP, aside from the aluminun casing taking the impact, the soft jacket would also cushion your unit's fall.

The buttons can still easily be accessed but, gamers that are more into fighting games might find it awkward at first since the directional buttons get embedded from the soft jacket alone which can make moves that require diagonal transitions a bit challenging. The rest of the buttons can still function with ease, even the analog stick.

Alumor not only protects the body of your PSP but it also comes along with CAPDASE's innovative 'unbreakable screen cover' which fits perfectly with the soft jacket and would be secure on its place when the aluminun casing is applied. Its really nice if you don't want to deal with pocket scratches which the screen often gets every now and then whenever you pull it out from any compartment like bags or your pockets.

Well, those are the good points about the item that I could think of. The details that really doesn't bother me but might trouble others would be the available colors that you can choose from. It also has that detachable movie stand which can be used to prop your PSP for either movie or picture viewing though, I really don't watch videos on my PSP and I really don't need to prop it whenever I view images, others might find it useful I guess. You don't have to detach the aluminun casing whenever you want to charge your PSP or connect it to your computer using its data cable but, with the aluminun casing, you won't be able to see the light indicators, especially the power indicator which tells us whether our PSP needs charging due to low energy. Also, even though the soft jacket doesn't conceal the disk cover, you still have to detach the aluminun casing everytime you want to insert a new UMD.

With those things mentioned, I can still say that its a good buy if your considering accessories for making your PSP last longer. The one that I have isn't really brand new which explains why I was able to afford it in a nice price. I bought it from a friend of mine who got the item as one of those add-ons included in such bonus packages when some PSP owner decides to sell their PSP unit. The original price is much higher of course but, considering that I can still use a pre-owned Alumor protective Metal Case and still be satisfied by it proves the good quality of the product.