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Sony Psp Original One Good System

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Arplix Franklin By Arplix Franklin on
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I had wanted a Sony PSP for some time but as it always seems to happen I never had the money. Of course it came down to the decision of the original or the slim line in which as far as price there didn't seem to be much difference. I finally ran across someone who had an original for 150 bucks with a hard latch case and extras. I talked him down to 100 and I bought it. My only real problem so far is games for it are very expensive, when the screen gets dirty it's hard to clean even with a micro fiber cloth and playing it outside is next to impossible on a sunny day. The sound is great and the picture is wonderful for playing games or watching movies but it would be nice if the battery lasted longer (when you're on a car trip for 16 hours and don't have a cigarette lighter not much fun.) The internet works on it if you can get a signal which is hard and the history saves EVERYTHING you put into your browser. I find that annoying. All in all I'm glad I spent the money it's good for short car rides or just wasteing some time.

Update On Nov 03, 2008: I played my friends slim PSP not that long ago and I noticed a few differences. To me the slim is harder to hold onto it's not as heavy and the sound wasn't that great. Sure the original PSP is a solid metal brick but for me the size and weight make it easier to use I don't feel like I'm going to drop it. This of course is to each their own. Just my opinion.