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Sony Really Disappointed Me With This One.

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I'm just going to open by saying the Mylo Com 2 device is a massive dissapointment and waste of money. The company has already stopped manufacturing it and its developed a multitude of service issues which Sony was actually oblivious to. I think this Mylo Com 2 device is the straw the broke the camel's back so to speak with my relationship with Sony products.

I purchased mine around August 2009 based on some online reviews and user reviews that seemed relatively positive. I was under the impression this device was equivalent to a laptop, except it was pocket sized. I paid $160 for a pre-owned Mylo 2 and shortly after that the price plunged due to a wave of problems that prohibit use of various features of the device that appeal to consumers. I was completely unaware because nowhere online did I find anyone mentioning the problems. So let's go through the pros and cons.

[ Features ]

If you've owned a cell phone with a slide-out keyboard then you'll feel right at home with the Mylo Com-2. Its got a full QWERTY keyboard. Sadly it only has a 1.3 megapixel camera, which thanks to their most recent update (which was issued a very long time ago) also supports video capture also. It supports various instant messenger programs like AIM, YIM (supposedly temporary unavailable), GoogleTalk, and Skype VoIP. The official site for the device allows you to download 'widgets' which allow you to do various things on the Mylo, like editing images, getting news updates or Facebook alerts, and accessing ShoutCast radio where you can listen to thousands of online stations for music, comedy, interviews, etc. You can also download games like Sudoku for the device. The top screen is touch sensitive so you can scroll through sites or click on links or open a menu. It comes with a wrist-strap stylus so you don't smudge the screen with your fingers and have a safer instrument to click on things with. It has 1GB of memory build in and supports certain memory cards. All the online features are accessible with a Wi-Fi connection, by the way. You can also subscribe to RSS feeds, surf the web, watch YouTube videos, check your email, easily drag and drop text documents or MP3s and listen to them on the device which has pretty decent, crisp and loud sound quality.. and while this all sounds pretty good.. keep reading before you even dare place a bid on one of these things.

[ Why the Mylo Com-2 MUST be avoided at all costs.. ]

Sony seriously dropped the ball with this device. It started out with so much potential and good things going for it and they just abandoned it and seemed to have forgotten about the consumers who bought into their propoganda. Here's a detailed list of all the problems with the Mylo Com-2:

(1) Yahoo! Instant Messenger does not work in any capacity. You can't use sites like Meebo or eBuddy either to try to log into your YIM account. The IM programs are built into the device, they're not downloaded by the user.

(2) While you can access YouTube or Facebook and watch videos, various features like checking your messages, leaving comments or searching do no function anymore. The quick fix for the Facebook problem is by using the mobile Facebook site (www.m.facebook.com). The mobile YouTube site loads but does not work to search or watch videos. You need to go on a search engine and type in something like 'Mylo Com 2 Review, YouTube' and try to find a video link in the search results.

(3) The font for IM programs like AIM is so tiny with no way to alter it that you'll get eyestrain from trying to carry on a conversation with your buddies.

(4) You can no longer access Yahoo or AOL mail directly. Instead you need to use a site like mail2web.com to view, reply or delete email messages.

(5) The Facebook widget is useless now so I don't recommend downloading it.

(6) Web searches are incredibly slow

(7) You can't use normal headphones without a special jack for the device, so that's an added expense.

(8) Battery life lasts about 5 or 6 hours

(9) Google searches don't work so you either need to download their Google widget or use igoogle.com

(10) Not all websites load properly or often times after loading, some switch to a blank white screen

(11) There are only 3 downloadable games - Sudoku, Solitaire, & Pair-It

(12) You can't watch videos anywhere other than YouTube

[What you MIGHT consider still buying this for..]

The device has pretty great image quality (images you can find and save from the internet), ShoutCast radio still functions so you can listen to that outside of your home if you have Wi-Fi access, and of course there's the Skype voice chat for anyone who's wants to talk to relatives or friends for free via Wi-Fi and Skype. I personally think at this point you shouldn't even consider this device and just invest in a netbook or laptop.

[ Price ]

You can find Mylo Com-2 devices on places like eBay or Amazon and most sell for around $90-120. The official Sony site for the device is selling it for $200.

[ Sony Support ]

Alright, so armed with my list of complaints having just bought the device, I went to the official website and used their contact links to file a complaint. This complaint was never responded to by a Mylo rep and their forums are a ghost town. I then called Sony's Mylo Support Line and had to deal with people with heavy accents who had a very poor grasp on the English language. It was very annoying to explain things over and over to someone who doesn't understand what you're saying. They were constantly putting me on hold and sending me to the wrong department. Sometimes I'd be waiting for 10 minutes then they'd just hang up on me. It took me hours and hours of retrying before I was finally patched through to someone who could help me. And what happened? He was totally unaware of any of these problems. Apparently nobody else had reported it. Gee, I wonder why? Maybe because you people hang up on them before they can report the trouble? So now I'm thinking.. finally, they'll address the problem.. but guess what? The supervisor just left. Perfect, so they can't do anything. I call back another day, early to make sure the supervisor doesn't rush out the door and then I get their excuses. Basically they claim programs like YIM or sites like YouTube have changed since the Mylo was released so its no longer capable of supporting them. He said the engineering team would be told about it but they need to study the situation. No word if or when an update/patch will be made to fix the problems. Its moving into a year now since the problems started and there has been no improvements. Bottom line, Sony is never going to fix the problems. They discontinued the device so it appears they've just moved on and pretend it doesn't exist. DO NOT BUY THIS DEVICE. I won't be buying Sony products ever again.

Update On Feb 22, 2010: Also wanted to mention the first few times I called, the people I spoke with kept claiming my Mylo Com-2 was defective and were trying to tell me to buy a new one or pay for them to repair it. It was in perfect condition. Had I not found several other people online who had the same problems, I may have fallen prey to their "blame the customer" nonsense and wasted money. The extent of their ability to help me didn't go past the "take off the battery cover and press the reset button" - which I had done numerous times before I even decided to call in.