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Sony Sixaxis Controller

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By rhazjk on
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The Sony Wireless Sixaxis Game Controller is the controller that comes with the Sony Playstation 3. The sad part is the fact that only one comes with the system, so in order to play with a friend you will have to buy another one.

It's basically the same shape and weight as a Playstation 2 controller but has the benefit of being wireless.The battery seems to last quite a while so you don't have to charge it too often. To charge it, you need to use a USB cord to plug into your Playstation 3, however you can still play it while charging, so there is really no downtime due to charging.

I have heard many people prefer the Xbox shape/button placement. I really like the shape and the design of the Playstation 3 controller. I guess if you grew up only playing the Playstation consoles like me, the controller seems great.

The only downside about this controller is the fact that it doesn't have the old "Rumble" feature. Due to some patent issues, Sony wasn't able to add the rumble feature to this Sixaxis controller. In the near future, Sony will be bringing their new controller to the US, but until then this is the best controller you can get besides shipping the new Dual Shock 3 from Asia.