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Sonyericsson W810i

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Sony Ericsson

Because i was able to try it, not to own it, it is natural, that I didn't get all package. Just wall charger and earbuds.


Black color.Robust plastic. Good quality, but still the area aroun the sreen makes a little sound when pushed little harder. Anyway, don't worry, that could be just my phone a bit "hurted" earlier. 9/10


Eyecatching. Believe me or not, sonyericsson made it to be beautiful. Yes, it is typical layout of keypad, and square form is not original at all, but that black color, orange elements makes you to turn head. Design is attractive. Strong 9/10


176x220 resolution, shows up to 262000 colors. Because display is not very big if compare to latest models, resolution suits this display and final result is good. Can't say excellent, but " really good" would be right words. By the way, screen is a bit better, brighter than w800i/k750i.


At the first sight, it looks like that number buttons are too small, but ust start using them when writing sms, and you will change your opinion. keys are comfortable, fast-responsive while menu control buttons, D-pad is way more fresher than w800 stupid joystick which is just rubbish-it brakes down much faster than you expect . On the side you can find volume rocker, camera button and play button. Overall 10/10

User interface

Perfect. Nice menu animation, fast response, apps can be minimized (for example game. You can minimize it and send sms and at the same time listen music). Backgrounds can be animated which looks cool while w810i supports flash themes. that means, it completely changes view of menu icons and every push of button is supported by vibration. It slows response a bit, but nice though. Every function is easily reached. 9.5/10

Music player/Walkman

Well, remember w800i . It was sold with 512mb card. w810i is no exception .Music player interface is very good. it has nice walkman theme (orange color), playlists can be created, random playing can be selected, there are few EQ's including famous Mega Bass. This one "rockz". it makes bass so deep, so dark, so powerful, that sometimes it seems that there are too much of them. Otherwise, sound is really good, can be compared to mp3 player. One minus, that sometimes you need a bit more sound, while at max volume there appears noise. Walking through all songs is fast and that is good. I found myself leaving iRiver U10 at home and taking that walkman phone. Yeah, maybe iRiver produces better sound at max volume, it is more powerful, but you can't tell that there is big difference. Earbuds goes deep to ears, so you can't here anything around you, only music. Bass are provided impresively, while mid tones could be enchased.Anyway, these earbuds are one of the best you can find when you buy phone. Overall 9/10.


If you are interested in mobile communications, you probably know, that 2mpx camera is impresive and capable to do very good shots while macro mode is simply super! There are camera settings, shutter sound can't be switched off.There is panorama mode, which is simple but at the same time can help you to make great shots. Macro mode is really impresive, not all entry level digital cameras can go so close to object and focus it. Outdoors shots are great, while there is a bit lack of stronger contrast. LED light help on night shot, but makes picture a bit yellowish.Video recording is not impressive at all - res. 176x128 makes clips suitable to watch only on the phone screen. All in all 9.5/10. Definetely the best 2mpx cameraphone.

Call quality is good, volume is enough, voice is clear. 9/10

Battery life

Using it as mp3 player, with switched off phone functions is good feature. You get about 25-27 hours of pure music listening. While using mp3 player, camera, other phone features, I mean, few calls, 20 sms, half an hour music, battery last up to 4 days. Good enough. 8/10


It is definetely cameraphone to go for. It is great:music, camera, keypad, design, quaity, everything. Event, it is not on sale, discontinued, it is great to buy it used. I tried one, i will own one, really. Highly recommended 9.5/10