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Sony's Bravia Line Hdtv Defines The Experience

Reviewing: Sony Bravia Xbr 40" 1080p Flat Panel Lcd Hdtv Kdl 40 Xbr4  |  Rating:
dade By dade on
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Hmm... How do I say this tactfully? Big screen TVs are a touchy subject, today. There are so many of them on the market.

I have a few friends, that own "rear projection" TVs. They always tell me, they love them. In my heart, of hearts, I believe every one of these guys would have bought a HDTV, that was not a rear projection model; if they could have gone back in time and did it again.

The rear projection models are ok, but are a world removed from the direct source of a LCD, flat -panel, direct screen. The money is more, but the quality is undeniably, better, with a flat screen, LCD.

With that said, we bought the Sony - Bravia XBR 40" 1080p resolution, Flat-Panel LCD, HDTV. It has, HDMI input; PC input, 16:9 aspect ratio (which is excellent!). Sony has a lot of bells and whistles with this HDTV. Their "Live Color Creation system gives you excellent color, without over saturation, and very defined detail, to recreate the video, into a breathtaking experience, no other manufacture can deliver.

The audio is more than compatible with almost every sound system available, for a truly, "all round" listening experience, that decodes several different incoming signals, from different formats coming in.

The BRAVIA Engine PRO makes this HDTV the best of it's series on the market today.

Check out this system at a Sony outlet near you, for an amazing demo. You will be able to noticeably, tell the difference between the Sony BRAVIA line and all of the others.