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Soothe Baby's Gums

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Most parents would try anything to keep their child from being in pain. So, in a quest to solve my child's teething issues, I ran across these 100% natural teething drops. The dropper is made into the cap, which is handy. I would say that these drops are "ok." They seem to work for a few minutes, but it doesn't last the 2 hours between doses. It will buy you enough time to go get a cold teether from the fridge, feed the little one, or get them to sleep, usually. While it isn't a miracle cure, it is worth having on hand.

I have had several bottles, and never had a leaking problem, even when it was buried in the bottom of the diaper bag.

This product is for infants over 4 months of age. Drops given orally, can be administered every 2 hours until symptoms improve, then space them out to 4 times daily. The main ingredient is Chamomila or Chamomile.

Warnings: Don't use more than the recommended dosage. If the symptoms last longer than a week, seek medical attention from a doctor or dentist. In case of overdose, contact Poison Control or seek medical help.