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Soothening Cough Syrup

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My daughter just had a very high fever last Thursday. She was perfectly fine the previous day and when I woke her up on a Thursday morning, she had a soaring fever. She was like a human "pressing iron."

She has been having dry cough few days ago. Eventually, her cough caused some infection in her respiratory tract. She had similar illness before and normally it happens when the seasons change. So, I took her instantly to the doctor for a quick check and a prescription of the right medication to cure her.

The doctor changed the cough syrup (she was given Prospan before) to Histalix Syrup. It is an expectorant. It enables coughing to expel bronchial mucus by making it loose and more liquid. It also reduces nasal congestion.

Each 5 ml of the cough syrup contains: Diphenhydramine HCI BP, Ammonium Chloride BP and Menthol BP. Other components are sucrose, glycerin, propylene glycol, sodium citrate, raspberry flavour, saccharin sodium, and purified water.

The cough syrup is packed in a clear, glass bottle so you can easily tell if the syrup is almost over. It comes with a small cup for measurement.

It has been 2 days after she took the medication and her cough has been productive. So she is expelling the phlegm which is the main objective. However, inspite of its effectivity, the syrup causes drowsiness. So she is asleep most of the time which I feel is a good thing too. She needs to recuperate and a good sleep and a bed rest will be just fine.