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Soothing Eye Drops When I Need Them

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I've never used eye drops before in my life until I had cataract surgery a few months ago. My surgeon gave me some sample packs of this Systane product to use if I needed them.

After using the samples he gave me and liking the comfort and ease of using the one time vials I was given, I went to Wallgreens to purchase some more. I ended up purchasing the pocket pack instead. This came with two 5 ml (1/6 fl oz) bottles so I could keep one at home and one at work. They are small in size and also great for carrying in your purse.

I like this product mainly because I am on the computer all day at work and I am on my laptop most evenings at home. Staring at a computer screen for any length of time will dry out my eyes and they start to feel scratchy. Two drops of Systane will immediately bring me relief so I can continue working. The relief is long lasting so I'm not putting drops in my eyes every few hours. Most times once or twice a day will do the trick.

The active ingredient is this eye drop is polyethylene glycol 0.4% and propylene glycol 0.3% which are both lubricants. It's Greek to me but if it helps to relieve the dryness of my eyes and does not sting it's all good to me.

I would recommend this product if you need temporary relief due to dryness in your eyes. For anything more serious, please see your eye doctor.