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Soothing Massage Slippers

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My youngest daughter is extremely traditional when it comes to the Holidays - and this year she worked while going to school - a feat that she found a little hard as she put in a lot of hours - but it allowed her to really spoil her family. She spent every cent she earned on purchasing Christmas gifts for everyone in the family and she really put her heart into the gifts by ensuring that everyone really loved what they received.

When I opened the gift she had gotten me I knew that she had really thought about it - these are luscious massage slippers. During the winter our bedroom can get a bit cool due to the way in which the duct heating was installed and the fact that we have large windows that I usually sit near, often leaves my feet pretty cold at times when I'm on the laptop.

She not only got me fluffly, warm slippers - she also ensured that while I was wearing them I could get a massage too. Something that no one would ever be able to do for me as I really don't like anyone messing with my feet :)

These slippers take two C size batteries - one for each slipper - so walking in them isn't something they were designed for as the batteries tend to make the slippers slip off your feet. But as massagers - they don't work too badly.

So now while I'm tapping out articles and reviews, my feet are scrumptiously warm and are humming along with a vibrating little tingle. This is something I would never have thought to buy for myself so she made a really nice choice. The family had fun walking in them and listening to them "hmmmm" with every step - they definitely aren't designed to be worn and walked in particularly if the house is totally quiet or you are trying to sneak up on someone - you'll fail every time.

They are well made but as for being functional as true slippers - no. The massaging mechanism is based within the soles so you have to basically keep a little pressure on them to feel the vibration. I've noticed that while they are on the massaging effects aren't really highly evident. It's when you remove them that your feet continue to have a tingling effect which actually doesn't feel too bad at all. As a full, relaxing massage - these aren't the most effective but for what I will enjoy them for - will probably be the warmth minus the massage most of the time.

Overall, I love my gift - if for no other reason than my daughter bought it for me and anything my children spend their hard earned money on is precious to me.