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Sorry Brother...

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The Delta .68 is about the best paintball pistol you can buy (I think), because my brother took out my whole team once with just this. It has a nice rubber grip with dimples and it won't slip out of your hand even if its full of paint. I'll just do my famous list of pros and cons, must easier that way.


Nice grip

Clip size is great for a pistol

Clips slide on nicely

Easy to take apart and clean

Seems to get a lot of use out of a little Co2 canister


The trigger spins a little bit, giving it a nice feel

Barrel is cleanable with your t shirt, regular pistol rag, or a regular painball swab, no special stuff needed!

The Co2 canister is easy to put in

Easily replaceable Co2 "O" rings

You can acually buy a laser kit to fit this, I think

Looks neat as your shoting it, because excess Co2 shoots out holes in the side!


There is one screw where there should be two screws, and it always falls out, even with a lockwasher, because of the vibration

The "hammer" is hard to pull back because it has its own little housing, especially when your fingers are full of paint...

When shooting fast the ball burst because of a design flaw, fixable with a file I would think

Despite the cons, this is a really nice gun, and would make your main gun complete. I would recommend this to any serious paintballer, because it is very expensive, you could buy a NEW Tippmann 98 with mask and some bullets, for the price of this pistol. By the way, don't tell my brother because I sort of stole this from him...