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Sorry Nyc This Ny Is More Famous!

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This is one of the tackiest shows ever produced (or not..) but it was one of the funniest!

With a slightly misleading title, the New York in question is not the world famous city, moreso a delightfully obnoxious diva that we love to hate ....

The Origin...

Our titillating star, Ms. New York (aka. Tiffany Pollard) first graced our television screens in the equally sad show - "Flavor Of Love", where she fought for the love of "her man" Flavor Flav (of Public Enemy fame... didn't help, did it?) against numerous cuties, hotties, sluts and apparent drag queens, who were all vieing for "face time" on TV under the guise of looking for love - eeww!!Having been abandoned in the final (twice... long story) by Flavor, she apparently made such an impression that she was offered her own show (isn't that why she was there to begin with?) - here it is....

Now The Show

Season 1 consists of 12 (including the reunion show) episodes where men fawn haplessly over the needy, nasty and often cruel New York in the hopes of being her ultimate love match - or in the hopes of them spawning a tv show of their own (as actually happened in Season 2, I digress....).

Teased and taunted then reeled back in with sloppy kisses and fluttering fake lashes, they fight and flirt with all the grace and appeal of a chained and wounded hyena. Not a pretty sight I must add!

Week by week, men were discharged from the show, in ways in which you would not dismiss your pet at times, until finally, the lucky (?) pair remained.... Who will win her hand?... Do they stay together?..... Did he get his own spin off tv show?.... Watch and learn.

My Humble Opinion

This show is abundant with comical and embarrassing situations and to anyone watching, it is very obvious that there is a lot of "Hollywood" in "New York" and the reality seems to disappear often from the content of this show.

I think the fact that it was so overly ridiculous and that New York has a personality the size of Manhattan, made this show one that I hated to love, but loved from start to finish!Besides being aggravated at the oversized attitude from Ms. Pollard and the sheer stupidity of most of the "contestants", I have to recomend this show. It's not for anyone who is looking for intellegent viewing, but it is suitable for all who just want to turn off and tune in !

10/10 for stupidity

7/10 for entertainment value

0/10 for class