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Sort Peek And Roll For Babies

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Baby toys should have two purposes...........to be fun and to teach. This Infantino Sort Peek & Roll toy meets both requirements! I bought this for my granddaughter who just turned 1 last month. It is a toy recommended for babies 12 months and up. I don't know if you remember playing with a shape sorter when you were small.........but they were hard to open to release the shape pieces after they were inside the container. This one is perfect for the little ones to get their hands inside the container and retrieve the shapes.

It reminds me of the little snack container that my granddaughter uses. It's a plastic lid that has a soft opening. This toy also has this but the opening is a soft plush fabric. On the other end there is a mirror and it is a pretty high quality mirror too. I really dislike the cheap mirrors on some toys that distort the images. You keep telling the baby to look at the baby in the mirror and they probably think they look weird! This one actually has a good image when you look at it.

The pieces come in 6 shapes in pretty colors of green, yellow, orange, purple, red and blue. This is a great way to teach shapes and colors for a small baby. The container looks like a drum and rolls easily on the floor. If your baby is starting to crawl then they will enjoy crawling after it as it rolls across the room. Their hand and eye coordination will develop over time as the baby plays with this toy.

This is a fantastic toy for babies 12 months and older. They will learn while they play !!!