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Soulcalibur Iv

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Soulcalibur blazes back onto the gaming scene creating a buzz in both Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 with it's standard fighting system and lush graphics.

Both newcomers and veterans alike will find themselves engrossed for many hours playing this game. It's ease of use and user-friendly aspect enables new gamers to enjoy the game and dive right in. Veterans will find more in depth aspects such as the Tower of Lost Souls single player challenges exciting.

Diving into the online play, gamers will find little to no lag which is always a bonus and one of the biggest complaints the world over. Matched with the variety of different characters to play or the ability to create a new character, Soulcaliber IV proves itself to the online gaming community.

Not enough can be said for its stunning graphics that have met and exceeded the industry standard adept gamers have come to expect.

However, certain things are now the industry standard with gaming. And, Soulcalibur IV fell short of those standards with the Story Mode being too short and mostly text based for the price tag of $59.99.

Unknown to anyone but Namco Bandai Games America, the Team Battles is glaringly absent. Gamers, multiplayer gamers in particular, want and expect Team Battles as well as the ability to play in Unranked/Player matches with more than three of their friends/opponents.

Be aware that the PlayStation 3 version allows users to install an optional download that will make loading time between fights quicker. Interesting aspect. No such thing exists for the Xbox 360 version.

Despite Soulcalibur IV's negative qualities, this is not a game the average gamer will be humiliated with owning and playing.