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Sounds Good, But...

Reviewing: Nad's Hair Removal Gel Kit  |  Rating:
bosoxy By bosoxy on
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The commercials for Nad’s are so simple and seem to show the perfect hair removal product so of course I had to try it!

I was impressed that Nad’s comes with reusable cloth strips. I just like the idea of being able to use them and wash them out instead of throwing them away. The cloth strips that came with my kit were fraying… but since I wasn’t going to wear them the condition wasn’t too important to me. I just grabbed a pair of scissors and trimmed the edges. Since my first use, I have had to trim the edges again as the edges of the strips are not finished, so the woven threads just fall apart… not horribly so, but they do fall apart. I do not think this is a big problem, however.

The look of the product is different than a regular wax, even a cold wax. First of all, Nad’s is a natural green. Secondly, it does have a bit of a grainy appearance… but this product was not made for looks.

The application is done with a plastic spatula that comes in the kit. On warm days the application of the product is OK, on colder days it is difficult. The product does not spread easily. The product often does not want to leave the spatula and doesn’t adhere well to the skin when applied, however… amazingly enough once the strip is pressed to the skin and swiped a couple of times before pulling, the product then decides to stick to the skin and not the strip! Argh!

Soooo… I decided to try applying the Nad’s product to the strip directly. Sometimes this works better than applying to the skin and sometimes it does not. The problem is that even when the Nad’s sticks to the strip and is placed on the skin and swiped before pulling some wax is bound to stick to the skin… and although it feels like a good amount of hair was ripped from the roots, the area is NOT free of hair, which is what is supposed to happen.

I have used this product several times and tried it on several different body parts including my legs, underarms and face to see if it worked better in one place than another. Let me tell you that the underarm area was a nightmare. Never again!

For now I am choosing to stick with the razor/tweezer combination for my hair removal needs.