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South Beach Diet

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sprightcat By sprightcat on
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This is a review for the South Beach diet plan.

I have gained a few pounds since I have gotten married and I was looking for something to try to get me back on the right track. My friend had tried this plan and had good success, so I thought I would give it a try too. I believe that different things work for different people and this definately did not work for me.

The book is set up in a nice way that is broken down by the time frames and foods that they want you to eat. There are recipe sections as well, and there are some motivational stories. It is a very nice book.

My biggest problem was getting the required portions in daily of specific types of food. To show you an example, let's say you need to have a cup and a half of vegetables for breakfast. The easiest way would be to have a v8 or something similar. My trouble is that I have heartburn/acid reflux. I cannot eat tomatoes. This made it alot harder for me, because I was trying to squeeze in vegetables at every turn.

I did my best to stick to the diet, but I had something happen to me, possibly caused by the diet my doctor said.....kidney stones. I know that this may have nothing to do with this diet, but there is so much calcium/protein intake and I had never had any issues with kidney stones prior. I wanted to add this information in, incase anyone was considering this. This is simply my experience and I want to be honest.

I did infact lose some weight. There was a fair selection of foods to chose from, but alot of food I normally wouldn't eat being that it had alot of sodium or it was something that I didn't believe to be that healthy for you.

Again, this does work for some people, just not for me.