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South Park: A Must See Animated Film!

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South Park creators matt Stone and Trey Parker decided to stretch out the 30 minute episode of their cartoon series into a full length film--South Park: Bigger, Longer and Uncut. Filled with toilet humor, excess foul language, violence, relationship issues between Saddam Hussein and Satan and many other things that will pull you in the South Park world.

Plot: Stan Marsh, Kyle Browoski, Eric Cartman and Kenny Kenny McCormick are excited over the new movie, Asses of Fire starring their favorite Canadian comedians, Terrance and Phillip. A couple of hours later after watching the film they leave the theatre learning new inappropriate words they never knew existed. After word gets out the foursome seen the movie, almost every kid in town idolize the Canadian duo and mimic countless of cursing words.

The parent's catches on that the children has watched the film and demanded that something must be done to rid the garbage and filth that presents themselves in front of their children. They happened to come in form of Terrance and Phillip--which the leader of the pack, Kyle's mom formed her own organization, Mothers against Canada. It suddenly becomes a social and political which turns into an all out war between the Canadians and Americans. However the news is heard in Hell; giving Satan a chance to destroy the world if the blood of Terrance and Phillip ever hit the soil. The only heroes that save the world are the children, only if they prevent the death of their fave celebrities, the war and endless madness between the adults.

Bigger, Longer and Uncut in like no other as the movie dealt with parental responsibility, homosexuality, religion, race political and morality. The movie is a set as a musical, with several songs performed by a few South Park characters about the use of obscenity to ‘blaming Canada'. As the children brighten their vocabulary far too many times than I can count, the fault doesn't lies into the media or a movie for crude content but but the parents lack of communicating with their children of what is right and wrong as they(children) understand what they say or do that is appropriate for their age.

Further in the movie is the rocky relationship between Satan and Saddam Hussein, who often wears the pants in the relationship while Satan masks himself as powerful and evil in the eyes of others, he is seen in the film as vulnerable and comes across as submissive to Hussein's wants and needs at all times. There also a scene where Satan sings with passion, imagining how life would be for him on earth without the problems with his lover.

Just like in the episodes, this film doesn't hold back making fun of everybody and anything. And some things can be downright surprising or insulting to whoever may see this movie. It is not recommended for children as it contains endless profanity, violence, sexual jokes and a bit of nudity. It is also not good to watch for the very religious or easily offended types. Saddam and Satan have a love/sexual relationship with one another, Hell seems to a suitable place to live. There is also a slight mockery of Jesus while Satan is viewed as a caring and vulnerable individual. Also a trivial depiction of particular ethnic group and insults geared towards them.

At times it may be over the top with some of the scenes but Bigger Longer & Uncut is entertaining and full of laughs from the beginning to the end.