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Soy Candles Burn Cleaner!

Reviewing: For Every Body Reflections Soy Candle Powdered Sugar Cookie Scent  |  Rating:
klkwid By klkwid on
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This is a MUST READ for everyone-even if you don't vote for it! Do you hate that soot that can form around the canister edges of a candle? It creeps up your walls and scars your ceiling if it's close enough to either! It doesn't have to be very close to leave that black mark. Soy candles don't do that! They burn very clean and leave very little or no residue. They smell just as good or better-they don't have that "burning" smell like regular wax candles, AND they're bettre for the environment! Don't ask me why-I believe it's how they produce wax candles versus soy candles that make them better.

When I first heard that soy burns cleaner, I figured it was a gimmick. Well, I tried a few candles and it's true! There is no residue left on the glass in the canister candles! I've been using these for a few months now to see if the residue would form, but nothing so far, so I can conclude that it's all true.

Soy candles are now becoming more commercially available. They were hard to find at first, but now I see that Kohl's has the candle listed as this review's heading. It looks just like the other kinds of candles, so you have to read the lables. They are no more expensive than regular candles, too. The best part is that there's no unsightly black mark on the rim of this candle after it's burned for a while! The candle in particular that I've listed is a beautiful vanilla scent-Kohl's also had about 10 or 12 other scents available, just like regular candles. I don't want to make up scents and I don't remember all of them, but a few of the others were Woody Winter Pine and Sweet Apple Filled Tarts.

We should all switch over to these kinds of candles soon. They're SO much easier to clean up after!