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Soylent Green 1973 Widescreen Dvd

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In the future, the Earth has become an overpopulated planet with a shortage of food. Only the rich can afford natural food. Everyone else must rely on water rations and an artificial food called soylent, which comes in red, yellow, and green. Soylent means soybeans and lentil; that is what they want everyone to believe.

The President of the Soylent Company is found murdered and Detective Thorn (Heston) is in charge of the investigation. He uncoverss a large conspiracy involving Soylent green and finds out what it is really made of!

Soylent Green is a good 70s sci-fi film, starring the top action stars, Charlton Heston.

The movie may appear to be your standard action sci-fi but it offers a commentary on society and how easily our planet can deteriorate.

The cast boasts many veteran actors and actresses. Of course, everyone recognizes Charlton Heston. There is Edward G. Robinson in his last movie role as Sol Roth, Thorn's confidante and housemate. Brock Peters plays Lt. Hatcher, Thorn's boss. Joseph Cotten plays the President of Soylent. Chuck Connors plays Tab Fielding, the President's servant. Leigh Taylor-Young plays Shirl, Simonson's "housemate."

Heston and Robinson show some humor in earlier parts of the movie. It adds depth to their characters, making them more realistic and likable. Robinson is naturally fun and warm.

The SFX are rather cheesy. It's set in a modern city, so no need for fancy, futuristic props. A few scenes are slightly futuristic but they are plain looking. The soylent is just painted wood chips.

The musical score is mellow and melodic while the story conveys chaotic, but the clash serves the movie well.

Soylent Green slow-paced and covers comparatively little ground but still offers a provocative premise with some interesting characters. Edward G. Robinson gives a terrific performance - too bad his last role was not a better movie.

Soylent Green is a cult classic that deserves some respect and viewing by sci-fi fans.