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Space Bags...Yes, They Really Work!

Reviewing: Orginal Space Bag Storage Packs 4 Bag Combo Set  |  Rating:
jenna2004 By jenna2004 on
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Yes, the orginal space bags really do work! I know most people say we'll...it was one of those as seen on t.v. items. I bet it doesn't work like they really say. Well..this product really does work.I absolutly love them. I've bought many different packages and sizes of the space bags. Most recently I've bought a package at Home Depot for only $5.00. The bags included 2 medium bags, 1 large, and 1 travel bag. (carry on size)

You'd be suprised at how easy they really are to use. When placing your items in the bag make sure everything is as even as you can get it.Don't fill above the do not fill line. Zipper the bag shut and prepare to vacuum. There are only a few downfalls with the space bags. Some of the ones I've found through my experiance are...not all vacuum hoses fight the seal tightly.Good news is an hand held air mattress pumps work for closing the bags if your vacuum doesn't seal properally.If you don't have a secure seal you'll know it since the items and bag won't be as flat as they should. The only other problem I've noticed is the zipper. You just need to pay alittle extra attention when zippering to make sure it's actually sealed before compressing the bag. Other then those two issues these are a great product.They can be alittle costly depending where you buy them. Numerous places sell them including hardware stores, discount stores, amazon.com, other online stores and you can even order from a t.v. infomercial.

I reccomend these to anyone wanting to store clothing and likes to be orginized without extra bulk.Space bags are wonderful for traveling too! They really save space and hold a lot of items.There's a variety of sizes so the possibilities of how much you store in each bag includes a large amount. There's even a Quality Guarentee on the side of the package that states if there is a manufacturing defect they will replace it up to one year from the purchase date. Give them a try I'm sure you'll like them as much as I do.