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Spaceballs Dvd

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Spaceballs is Mel Brooks' hilarious 1987 Star Wars spoof. When the young Princess Vespa gets cold feet at her wedding, she escapes into space, only to be attacked by the spaceballs, a group of crazy villains who want to steal the planet Druidia's air to fix up their own polluted planet. To do so, they plan on holding her for ransom. But before they can, dashing hero Lonestar and his canine...esque companion Barf save her and flee to a desert planet, where Lonestar learns the ways of the mysterious "Schwartz."

The movie itself is nonstop laughs from start to finish. The characters clearly resemble Star Wars characters, from Dark Helmet's oversized...well, Darth Vader-esque helmet to Princess Vespa's crazy headphones that look suspiciously like Princess Leia's hair to Yogurt (take a wild guess who he's parodying). The story, as can be expected, is fairly dirtier than Star Wars, but full of non stop action, laughs, and, believe it or not, plenty of heart. Mel Brooks is a genius, and you can tell how much love he put into making this masterpiece of a movie.

The special features aren't too shabby, either, especially for a budget title. We start with a full-length audio commentary by Mel Brooks as he tells the story of Spaceballs and plenty of interesting behind the scenes info. Next is the behind-the-scenes footage, where they show a bit on how the movie was made, as well as input from several of the key players in the film. Finally, we have the theatrical trailer, which isn't much, but always a nice bonus to throw in for those interested in such things.

Such a hilarious movie at such a cheap price shouldn't be missed. If you're a fan of Star Wars (or even if you're not, I suppose), you owe it t yourself to pick this up. And may the Schwartz be with you.