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Spare Mount For Gps? Or "I Want To Mount You Somewhere Else!"

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Glen Smith By Glen Smith on
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This review is on the TomTom Windscreen Holder & USB Car Charger.

The product may be just a spare 12 and 24 volt charger, with a spare mounting cradle to fit to the windscreen, but if you lose or break your original, you are a bit stuck. One more use, is for swapping your TomTom, from one car to another, simply keep kits in each car to make so much easier. These devices are identical to the original ones, so there is no modification required. They are made in the matt black colour so do not stand out, however it's still advisable to hide these from view, when not in use.

Many vehicles get broken into, simply because there was a tell-tale Sucker mark on the screen. Police now advise drivers never to leave these devices in cars, because they are so easy to steal, easier than a radio for example, and also easier to sell. Some SatNavs are configured to require a PIN number, but in most cases these options are simply not used.

At the moment, it is still legal to use one of these devices on the windscreen in the UK, but MOT testers have been asking drivers to remove them from the "Wiper area", which to my mind is the best place to have them. We will have to wait and see what the future holds.

In my last car, I made a cradle so my TomTom could be fitted lower down, not too obvious for thieves, but still could be seen through the steering wheel. Perhaps in future I shll have to do the same to my present vehicle.

I know you can manage without the spare mount, but if your charger ever breaks, you only have 2 hours max battery life. I also carry a spare blade fuse for mine, it is taped to the plug so it won't get lost.

You can buy these genuine parts from your TomTom dealer, and there are also cheaper imports available through the internet, however, make sure to check postage & packing rates first, as some of these can be a right rip-off.