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Sparkle And Shine Say Sorrelli

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If bling is your thing, then you'll love jewelry by Sorrelli. Sorrelli combines crystals and semi-precious stones, to create exquisite jewelry. It is heirloom quality, and Sorrelli guarantees that they will repair it free of charge for life.

When my teenage daughter came home talking about how beautiful these necklaces were, I thought it was another "fly by night" fad. I told her they were too expensive...but that was before I actually saw one in person. I could not believe that any affordable necklace could have such sparkle and shine.

I was in the beauty salon one day, and from far across the room, I saw this lady with the most beautiful necklace that I had ever seen. When I complimented her on it, she said it was Sorrelli. (A name that I just kept hearing.)

My daughter's boyfriend, at the time, gave her one for her birthday. It was called White Bridal, and it was stunning! (I now also own a White Bridal necklace and bracelet, much to my daughter's glee.) Mine is the Sorrelli Classic Swarovski Crystal Floral Necklace with an antique silver finish. Many of the Sorrelli collections are also available in antique gold.

The White Bridal collection consists of Swarovski crystals including clear crystals, white opal, and aurora borealis. It also features semi precious mother of pearl, and synthetic white cats eye stones. (There are many different designs offered in each color collection.) White Bridal is certainly beautiful enough to wear on your wedding day, as well as exquisite on a black turtleneck sweater, but can also be suitable for the office. You can dress it up or down, as Sorrelli goes everywhere.

Sorrelli jewelry makes wonderful gifts for special occasions, such as graduations, Christmas, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, etc. Sorrelli has been in business for many, many years, and they are not likely to stop producing this gorgeous jewelry anytime soon.

My husband has bought many of my necklaces and bracelets, at a little shop in a nearby town, called Ooh-La-La, but Sorrelli jewelry is available at many fine jewelry and gift stores, through Ebay dealers, and many online stores, including Sorrelli's own online store.

The necklaces come in different colors and styles, and have adorable names like Spring Rain, Looking Glass, Captain and Teal, Happy Birthday, Purple Rain, Snowflake, Ruby Slippers, etc. Half the fun of having one is being able to call out its name when someone asks, "Which one is that?"

All the necklaces have matching bracelets and earrings, if desired. I have always loved anything that sparkles, (hence my nickname, Sparkle), and my favorite Sorrelli necklaces are the ones with predominantly brightly colored crystals. They are so brilliant, colorful, and classy.

If you check them out online, be warned that pictures do not do them justice. You have to see them in person to really appreciate their dazzling beauty. Once you see a Sorrelli, it will capture your heart, just like it did mine!