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Speaker For The Dead Book Review

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The Speaker for the Dead is the second book in the Ender series, following Ender's Game. This book may not be so appealing to the younger audience seeking for adventure and action. But that is not due to any lack in this book, but because the Speaker for the Dead has gone into more depth in philosophy. Orson Scott Card has created another masterpiece following the first book Ender's Game.

Brief Summary of The Speaker for the Dead

Ender, having defeated the Buggers and destroying their homeworld, must now save the last of the Buggers--the coccoon of a new Bugger Hive Queen. As it turned out, the Hive Queen is an intelligent creature, but it has been only recently when it realized that the human race too is a sentient one. Ender tries to save the last of the Bugger species, and travels to Luisitania, a world where another sentient, but primitive species, called the Pequeninos, live. Orson Scott Card has taken a deeper insight into how different races can have a hope to live in harmony with each other. This setting is not only applicable to the sci-fi world, but to the real world as well. Cultures and races are as alien to each other as Buggers, Pequeninos, and Humans are to each other.

This book is definitely a must read! Insightful! Buy this!