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Spectro Derm When You Want Your Face To Lie

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About a month ago was the last time I was 'carded' -- in order to purchase certain products here including cigarettes and liquor, a person must be 19 years of age. In some places a large sign will indicate that the vendor will have the right to card those individuals who appear to be 25 or younger ;) This has happened a few times and I've laughed each episode off as the good humoring that it was. However, when some guy behind a counter asks me for my ID, and does so with a totally straight and serious face and gives me such a reaction when discovering my real age? Hmmm, do I believe him or what? Of course I realize he's being a goof! But, does that stop me from wallowing in the 'compliment' being bestowed upon me? Absolutely NOT!

With a laugh and a 'you're not serious!' I pulled out my driver's license which he scrutinized, looking at the photo, looking at me, looking back at the photo. All was fine until he glanced down to my birth date. I began to think that perhaps he really was being serious here. His reaction was priceless. "Whoa, are you sure this is your license?" "Definitely" was my response. Boy was I enjoying this! "Boy, I really thought you were way younger! Wow!" to which I laughed and said "Why thank you kind sir. I know you're only joking, but you just made my day!" He shook his head for a few seconds, before he actually decided to return my license to me. Had I really stunned him that much? He was somewhere in his 40's so let's just say I am a little more than that (actually I usually have to figure out how old my husband is and subtract a few years before I can actually remember how old I am...I pay very little attention to numbers when it comes to that because I certainly don't think or even dress the way others my age do.) I guess I am a little 'deceiving'.

When I returned home I decided to look in the mirror...I mean really look. I wanted to try and uncover just what this guy really saw that made him act so genuinely surprised. What I saw was a reasonably smooth complexion, very, very fine lines around my eyes and over all someone who actually didn't really look her age. Mind you I certainly do not look 25 anymore but as I stared at my conceited self I realized that I was reasonably well preserved!

My secret lies in a terrific little skin cleanser that is Spectro-Derm. The cleanser I have used for about 2 years now is for Extremely sensitive/dry skin. I tend to get dry patches on my face if I use any products that are even relatively irritating and there are a large number of creams and lotions that I have purchased in the past that have remained untouched with perhaps only a few applications removed from the container. Spectro-Derm Moisturizing cleanser for Extra Sensitive/dry skin is an incredibly fresh feeling, gentle cleanser that really gets the skin clean. It removes makeup exceptionally well and the cooling effects of the lotion as it goes on gives my face a feeling of a 'feel good' rejuvenation.

After washing my face with Spectro-Derm it is left with a clean, tingling freshness and a very smooth texture. There is no tightness, no dryness, no irritation. Nothing but clean, great looking skin! I can actually put makeup on immediately after and need no other moisturizer before hand.

Spectro-Derm Moisturizing Skin Cleanser contains 5 moisturizers, gently removes dirt, oil and make-up and what I particularly like is that it can be used daily without any problems. It claims to leave dry skin feeling 'satin smooth' and honestly...it does! It contains no fragrance, sodium lauryl sulphate, parabens or lanolin (all ingredients that are known to cause reactions in some people with high sensitivity to them...particularly the fragrance and parabens). It's also alcohol and soap free. It is suitable for the face, hands and entire body if you wish. Although it is not labeled as being Anti-bacterial it does state that it cleans away skin bacteria and dead skin cells, and I believe it!

It goes on very smoothly, can be used on dry or wet skin, and using nothing more than my hands, I can gently massage the lotion in a circular motion all over my face for the recommended 30 seconds or more and then simply rinse with cool water although the label says you can also remove the lotion with a soft Kleenex.

Along with a few other gentle face products that I use, Spectro-Derm is one of the best products I've owned and it does what it claims to do...I use it regularly and obviously it helps to make a big difference!

I highly recommend this product for anyone who is extremely sensitive or who is fighting dry skin. Spectro-Derm is Dermatologist recommended and now, my daughters are using the Spectro-Gel products to control skin break outs -- guess I'll have to work even harder to achieve the 'whose the mother, whose the daughter' look but Spectro-Derm works for me and I love it!

(Should I divulge just how old I actually am? Well, if I do, you have to promise keep it a secret. Ok then, I trust you)...I am 52...I guess if one is dyslexic then I might be taken for a '25'er'. I don't know exactly how old the fellow thought I was, but judging by his reaction? It must have been a little more than a few years younger....and, now you know how to get your face to lie for you.