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Speed 3 Razor Blades

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John Watson By John Watson on
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Given my new single status and my need to live on a much tighter budget, I decided on of the cuts (no pun intended) I had to make was in my shaving supplies. I was shelling out way too much for those Gillette triple blades and thought it was time to find a reasonably priced alternative.

I decided to go back to the disposables and hoped to find one that wouldn't tear off half my face and leave looking like the victim of a zombie attack. I opted for the Personna Speed3 disposables. There are 4 in a pack and come in at a shade under three dollars.

The blades are a knock-off version of the Schick Extreme blades and feature 3 blades, a lubricating strip and a pivoting head for easier shaving, all pretty nice features for a disposable. The first shave was nice, smooth and clean, but the true test for me would come on the second shave where a lot of the cheaper varieties tend to fail the test. Much to my surprise, the blades help up great and I got just as smooth a finsish as my first use. I could probably actually get a thrid use out of a single razor, but I believ I will not tempt fate and try to keep the armies of the undead at bay.

All in all, a great product for those operating under a tight budget and one that I would highly recommend.