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Spend Your Time Here, You Wont Regret It

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I originally came from Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, but after I'm married I moved in to another city, far far away from Yogyakarta. To be honest, I love Yogyakarta more than any cities in Indonesia. Well, now that I moved in, every time I visit Yogyakarta I feel like a domestic tourist.. lol.. Hmm, when going back there I even visit temples and beaches and other interesting places which I never visited when I lived there. It's usually my hubby that often takes us to those places. I can understand that because my hubby is not from Yogyakarta originally, and he wants to visit those interesting places every time we go to Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta has been a great tourist destination for long, rich with Javanese traditions, temples, handicrafts, beaches, historical buildings, antiques and entertainment. Here are some spots that you should visit while you are there:1. Borobudur and Prambanan Temple

As you may know, Borobudur has been a famous temple. It's located about 50-55km from Yogyakarta City. Prambanan Temple is nearer to the city. Borobudur is Buddhist temple while Prambanan is the Hinduist one. All of them are great to watch. You can see the beauty of the ancient inheritance from these two religions. In Prambanan you can also watch traditional dance performance, but you should make reservation first because it's usually fully-booked.

2. Kraton Yogyakarta, or the Sultan Palace.

Located near the South Square, this palace claims to be the center of the universe (I don't know if it's true, though). I once took my uncle and aunt from Hong Kong to this palace, and a guide will be provided to you if you want to know much details about this palace. It's a huge palace, really! Inside it, you can find the Kraton museum, displaying the old ancient vehicles and costumes. And if you are lucky, there will be Javanese traditional music (called 'gamelan') performance, or ceremony. If you are very lucky, you can meet with the Sultan! I never got a chance to meet up with Sultan, though... lol..

3. Now let's get to the beach: Parangtritis and Parangkusumo Beach

These two beaches are located next to the each other. So you won't have to go far. In Parangtritis beach there are some horse carts which can take you around the beach for about fifteen minutes (make sure you bargain the price with the coachman). The horse cart is for two, and my hubby and I love riding with it. :) So romantic, especially if you get the chance to watch the sunset with your beloved.. :)

4. Vredeburg Fortress

This is a historical building used by Indonesian troops when defending the country from the colonizer. There is a guide provided for us if may want to know further about this building. Some dioramas are here, and they have a recording to be played in each diorama, in accordance with the event in the diorama (the narrator in the recording will explain about the event in the diorama). To play it we should insert a coin in the provided slot. This is a very interesting idea to introduce Indonesian history to the visitors (especially students). They also sell books about Indonesian history.

5. Let's go shopping now: Bringharjo Traditional Market

This market opens from 8-9 o'clock in the morning and close at 4 in the evening. Batik and other clothes, souvenirs, traditional kitchen utensils and house ware are all here. They offer cheap prices and the great thing about shopping in this market is that you can bargain. It's awesome shopping in this market! It's been my favorite market.

Well, actually there are so many places other than the above. But those that I mention above are the top five spots in Yogyakarta. Oh, writing this review even makes me feel want to go Yogyakarta now.. lol.. You won't regret visiting this city, ever.

Well, actually there are so many places other than the above. But those that I mention above are the top five spots in Yogyakarta. Oh, writing this review even makes me feel want to go Yogyakarta now.. lol.. You won’t regret visiting this city, ever.