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Spider Man 3

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When I found out Spider-Man 3 was going to be made, I knew I had to see it. It came to my local theater in IMAX! IMAX! I soooo wanted to see it, and almost did, but a series of unfortunate circumstances denied me the access to the theater until it was gone. I was upset, but soon the mixed reviews I read got to me and I was getting less and less upset. By the time I had the DVD release date, I wasn't very excited at all and had low expectations for the film.

Well, anyway, I went to rent it and watched it and found my expectations were raising as early as the opening credits! I kid you not! It was pretty much along the lines of the first two opening credit scenes. The spider-man theme plays as the camera swoops through a giant spider web with the casts names caught in it. Spider-man 2's opening credits improved upon the original's by adding artwork of important scenes from the first movie, but Spider-Man 3 improved even more by adding video clips of the previous two films, and also pictures of the cast alongside their names... It took them three movies to get that idea?... Oh well. Unbelievably, I found that I was already starting to get excited about the film.

So, the film started with Peter narrating and telling us what was going on with his life, and his life seemed to be going pretty well. Anyway, moving on. Harry naturally still has that big grudge against Peter for "killing" his father, but now he finally gets some of is father's old technology, even improves on it, and goes after Peter. The fight between them is quite good, but it leaves Harry seriously injured. He wakes up with short term memory loss, though I'm not sure how you could call it short term when he doesn't even remember how his father died two movies ago!

Anyway, we're introduced to Flint Marco (a.k.a Sandman), who's not Sandman quite yet. He has a sick daughter with an unspecified illness, which he's been robbing to try to get money for an operation for her. He seems to be a generally good man, just a bit misguided. Well, like Spidey's villains from the past two movies, he gains his powers from an experiment gone horribly wrong. This time, however, the experiment is not of his doing, nor did he volunteer to participate. The way the experiment gets started with him in there is so defiant of any logic, I was stuck on it for some time afterwards. I mean, it was just so stupid! If you've watched it, you'll probably know what I mean. Moving on, now he has the powers of Sandman, and becomes Spidey's new villain. I like him, the actor plays him well, and it's clear that he's gonna be a menace to Spider-man, as his powers make him incredibly strong and practically undefeatable

Then we got this other guy Eddie Brock, and anyone who's a fan of Spider-man knows what villain he becomes. I was so excited when I heard Venom was gonna be the big villain of this movie. I've been a fan of Venom for a while now. All the powers of Spider-man, but enhanced! Anyway, we meet Brock and he's just so unlikable. He's rude, cocky and clearly has a few other mental issues. He walks into The Bugle with one good picture of Spider-man, sucks up a little to Jameson and tries to get the staff photographer's job which should rightfully be Peter's.

So, now Peter has to deal with those villains this time around. Now I get what all those reviews were talking about. Trying to fit three bad guys into one movie, with each one...well.... two of them being big well known villains with a large fan base was clearly a mistake. It doesn't allow either one of them the screen time, or the character development they deserve. Sandman, I guess was satisfactory, as I ended up liking him, but Venom was pretty much put on the back burner in favor of Sandman and Peter's black suit. Hate to disappoint all you Venom fans, but he only truly appears in his full Venomish glory close to the end of the movie, and most of the time, instead of seeing that awesome Venom face, we see Topher Grace with fangs. While this is okay, as I like Topher, I think I'd rather see Venom. I watch Spider-Man for Venom, dangitt! If I wanna see more of Topher, I'll go watch That 70's Show!

Well, I guess apart from that, I enjoyed this movie. The acting was good, the effects were great and it was an all around enjoyable experience. I just find myself wishing that maybe they could have chose a villain and stuck with him. After watching this movie, I think I prefer Sandman over Venom, though I do believe it is an early judgement, because as I said, Venom didn't have much screen time at all. Anyway, I recommend this movie to fans of the first 2.