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Spider Man 3 Xbox 360

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Its generally accepted that movie tie-in games suck. This is not a biased or misinformed assumption - precedent dictates that pretty much videogame adorned with the title of an upcoming film is destined to be a rushed, half-assed and ultimately lackluster effort that is nothing more than a moneysink for poor, unsuspecting parents who think they're doing the right thing when they slap down $60 for "Crappy movie game #301." There are a few notable exceptions to this tried and tested rule - The Chronicles of Riddick, for example, and a few of the Lord of the Rings games buck the trend - however, Spider-Man 3 is unfortunately not counted among those. Despite this, it manages to squeeze out a good few fun moments in the many hours of tedium.

As you would expect, Spider-Man 3 adapts the film storyline to an interactive experience - the game ably handles this aspect, despite some shoddy voice acting and questionable cutscenes. The game even goes one step further, expanding the plot and fleshing out a web of gangs, foes and missions, thus beefing up the content level considerably. Theres certainly no dearth of content - though this is a case of quantity far surpassing quality. The player will have some degree of choice, however limited, in how they navigate the story arcs - you can choose which mission to tackle on an overview map of the city. In a rather formulaic mechanic that has become a staple of 'free roaming' games, you'll have to travel to various starting locations to instigate missions. This is kinda cool in a 'wow I'm swinging like a madman' kind of way, but quickly becomes a chore when you have to do it again, again, and again, for increasingly long distances.

The core gameplay consists of beat-'em-up scraps with cookie-cutter henchmen from the various syndicates that run the city, and not particularly inspired combat at that; basically, punch-punch-web-kick-combo and various alterations to that effect. While the Spidey-time doodad makes for sweet strings of attacks, and Spider-Man is a rather flexible protagonist who can flip and leap at a whim, the conflicts simply aren't compelling enough to form a viable foundation of a successful game. What you ARE given is mediocrity at its most pure.

In conclusion, Spider-Man 3 is a dense timesink - not dense in the respect of something that is rich and deep, but dense as in layered with so much crap that you can't help but marvel at the sheer volume of it. It may prove fun for some and too simplistic for others, but either way, it fails to set the world alight with its generic leanings.