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Spiderman: Web Of Shadows Wii

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"Spiderman: Web of Shadows" was anticipated to be the first good quality Spiderman game. This game has met this expectation and much more. However, Wii owners were very worried that their version of this game would not be as good in quality as the version for other consoles, such as the PS3 and X-Box 360. This was because the Wii has less buttons and is therefore normally reduced to a lower quality, 'point and shoot' gameplay, as opposed to the normal 'free-rome' gameplay. However, although the graphics come out at only 480i* (Or 480p if you have a better cable), I would consider the game (especially the gameplay) of a much better quality than the version for other consoles. This is due to the game-designers ingenious idea of making each of the movements of the Wii-mote its own button with its own function during normal gameplay. Its 'free-rome' gameplay remains throughout, and is much better than the 'point and shoot' gameplay (like other, more poor quality Wii games) that was expected. Also, while during cutscenes, sometimes in the other versions of this game, you're required to press buttons at specific times, and sometimes you can't do anything but watch the hero do things while you should be controlling them. With the Wii version of this game, instead of pressing buttons, you swing the Wii-mote or nun-chuck, which draws you into the game, not shut you out. It's these attributes that grant this game a 5/5 in all categories (except graphics) and make it my favorite Spiderman game, and overall game, to date.

*480i is standard definition. Nothing more, nothing less. Nintendo needs to fix that somehow...eventually...