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Spies Don't Get Fired, They Get Burned.

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"Spies don't get fired. They get burned." Explains Michael Weston, a now ex-spy.

Being burned means that someone higher up has flagged you as a threat. Since you cannot unteach a spy how to evade the law, or make him unremember the secrets he knows, spies are suddenly and inexplicably left on their own. Old contacts no longer speak to them, their assets are frozen, and every effort is made to keep him or her grounded and out of the spy business.

This is what happend to Michael. And he wants to know why.

We decided to check out Season One of Burn Notice when one of my husband's friends suggested it. And I'm really glad we did! My husband's not a big tv or movies fan, and I usually have to (very sweetly =) ) nag him to watch anything with me. Not so with this show! He was hooked, and suddenly it was him saying, "Just one more episode..."

The series follows the movements of Michael Weston, ex-spy, after he has been burned. He is angry and confused and searching for answers. Unfortunately when no one in government is speaking to you, you have to employ other meathods of getting what you want. You also have to eat. So Michael takes on several "jobs" of helping the people he meets with their unique problems. It doesn't matter if it's a run-away teenager or a senior being scammed out of her pension, he somehow finds a way of leaning the unleanable and making the impossible possible. Along the way, he very casually teaches viewers about spy techniques and gives them handy tips... such as how to escape a building without using doors or windows. The show is fun, smart, and sassy, and is great entertainment.

I highly recommend checking it out!

(We didn't get to the special features, so I'm afraid I can't comment on that portion of the DVDs)