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Spin, Oh Dearest Dvd, Spin!

Reviewing: Sony 100 Dpr47 Ls4  |  Rating:
forbiddenglory By forbiddenglory on
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Firstly, as much as one may be lead to think, these aren't just any "ordinary" blank DVD's to be of course burnt on a DVD burner/recorder - these DVD's by Sony are DVD's that have "AccuCORE" technology built-in into each and every one of them to ensure high performance and higher compability in numbers, as far as being able to play the DVD's on players go. There are many nowadays that have many "limits", and from those I have seen and in some cases used, in the list of compatible DVD's was Sony's, and that's simply because of the AccuCORE technology which enhances format playback, leaving the user worry-free in regards to "will these work on my DVD player? I'm tired of wasting money on blank DVD's that aren't playable...", which is a very common issue once an individual goes to the store, and attempts to find the "right set".

Well, there's no reason to look any further as, ever since buying myself two 100-packs of these (in both formats of DVD-R and DVD+R for comparison purposes), I haven't came across ONE DVD player in which it would give me the message anyone wouldn't want to see - that being "Cannot read...", "Unable to read disc", "Not supported", or somewhere along those lines. I must admit, I was pleasantly surprised and ever since, along with a few other brands, should I ever be in need of one of these, I would simply go to the retailer store and grab me one of these, without any concern in my mind as to whether or not it'll "play". With that issue being a thing of the past with Sony DVD's with AccuCORE technology aside, the design itself is pretty sleek and a good thing about it is that if you're not really into putting design labels on discs, these DVD's have the utmost convenience of a wide, open space for writing purposes with a marker. It's as simple as that, and if you're tired of buying this and that as far as spindles of DVD's go (and if you're also in need of them, say right now) - then do yourself a favor - go out and get yourself a stack today!