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Spinner Pump Salad Spinner Review

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Salads of leafy vegetables are not common most places in Asia. Although I did go to some western restaurants in college, I would always order soup, and I never tasted a leafy salad until I was in my early twenties. Even now I am fairly picky about any salad that I might eat.

I won't eat bland iceberg lettuce, and soggy lettuce triggers my pharyngeal reflex. Fortunately, the OXO makes several pump action salad spinners that are very efficient at removing the water from salads. My OXO Salad Spinner is easy to use; it is almost one hand operation. After rinsing the leafy vegetables in the spinner's basket you place it in the clear plastic outer bowl, then put the spinner on a counter or table and push the large knob several times. There is a brake button on top which stops the rotation of the spinner so that there is no waiting.

Unlike some other salad spinners which I have seen, you don't need to clasp it to your body or table with dear life and rotate a handle like crazy.

Although I never do it, the outer plastic bowl can be used as a salad bowl, and the inner basket could be used as a plastic colander. The large push knob on the OXO Salad Spinner locks in the down position for easy storage.

Although I initially had doubts about owning a fancy salad spinner, it is now like part of my family. I find that if I clean and dry a fairly large batch of salad greens that they last longer and I am more likely to whip up a quick salad. I also use it to clean and dry spinach prior to cooking.

I am very happy with my OXO Salad Spinner.