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Spirit Airlines...Can You Say Cramped!

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I have flown on many different airlines and I have to say, Spirit Airlines has taken over as my least favorite airline! There was not one thing I can I liked about this company!

Let start with the flight itself. First, this was the most cramped I have ever been in a plane. Looking at the pictures I have included, you can see that my knees are touching the set in front of me. There was absolutely no room! I am an average 5'7" woman, so I know taller people would have a hard time fitting in the space. You can see my hubby's leg and hard right next to mine in the photo also. We were literally touching legs the whole time. If it wasn't my hubby, I would have been really creeped out!

In the other photo, you can see the seat on the end in the next row up is slightly leaning back. This is not because the guy leaned back on purpose, it's because the seat was broken and would not sit straight up! This was the case for quite a few of the seats on the flight.

The seats were not comfortable at all! There was hardly any padding in the seat, the lumbar area was concave with no support, and the head rests were worn and cracked leather.

Moving on to the company itself, I was not happy at all! After booking the flight directly from the website, I found out I had to pay for any checked baggage we wanted to take. Cary-ons were normal and free, but ANY checked baggage will cost you extra. This was even before most airlines started charging for the second bag! I was able to purchase bag tickets online for a discount, but it still cost me $10 per bag. It would have been $20 per bag at the airport. I think the fee has since gone up too.

We flew a direct flight from Detroit to Ft. Meyer. It was a 2 and a half hour flight. This is the longest I think I could have even stood on the stupid flight! The terminals at the airport were not that great either. In Detroit, there was very little seating for waiting. We, along with many other people, had to sit on the floor. In Ft. Meyer all the flights left from the same large area. It was very hard to hear the announcements.

One thing that made us upset was that when we were coming back home there was sever weather hitting Detroit. We were about an hour away from the airport, so we checked the website right before we left. It said everything was on time still. So we drove to the airport and 45 minutes later found out that the flight had been delayed 2 hours. I called my brother back home and he said the website didn't say anything about a delay. Finally it did change, but it not for a long time after it was already delayed. So much for checking for delays to save wasted time at the airport!

I will never fly this airline again unless there is a big difference in price making it a really good deal!