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Spirited Away: A Journey Beyond

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Spirited Away is an adventure/fantasy Japanese film produced in 2001. To sum it up, it is about a 10-year-old girl named Chihiro, who finds herself in a world of spirits and monsters while leaving her hometown to go live in her new home. Chihiro and her parents find themselves lost when travelling to their new home. Her parents, being the explorers, encourage Chihiro to come along when they discover a tunnel that leads to a beaten, deserted town. However, the tunnel turns out to be the entrance to the spirit world. Chihiro’s parents find a market with heaps of food but are greedy, and because of this are turned to pigs. It is up to Chihiro to save her parents and the friends she picks up along the way.

Well, Spirited Away really surprised me, I never thought an anime film that was more for children could be so intriguing and interesting. There was certainly a never dull moment!Though it is a little creepy, I never closed my eyes because I wanted to see what would happen next. The director and writer of the film, Hayao Miyazaki did a very good job coming up with the storyline. It has a very creative plot and though it is a little different and out of ordinary trust me, you’ll like it a lot! Miyazaki's Spirited Away really makes you wonder and think twice, ‘maybe there’s another world beyond our imagination.’