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Spore Creature Creator

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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Spore??? What is spore isn't that something that comes outta mushroom your thinking.? Well what Spore is a game made by Will Wright the same guy who gave us sim city and the sims, Along with a company called Maxis and Ea. What spore allows the game player to do is to create all sorts of creatures from cells up to highly advanced space creatures. Spore teaches bout evolution and how things evolve and change. The entire game is coming out in September of 08. This creature creator gives you a sample of how things are going ot be and you can start learning how to put them together. Believe me I hope we did well in anatomy class to l earn bout spinal columns and vertabrae otherwise When starting out you might end up with a backwards creature or two like I have. To get a idea of what the creature creator is like you can download a trial of it at www.spore.com

Once you start building you will want the full version of the creature creator this in turn will make you hungrier for the Spore game and then you can preorder it still off amazon or wait til it comes out pick it up at a gamestop or walmart or your fave game retailer. Spore is available for the Mac& PC . I have Pc version even though i have a mac also haha I just prefer playing games on pcs and my wii sometimes. I hear Spore its a rumor off a site may also be coming out for the wii as well in that case i will get it for that as well. What I like bout spore to is Its rated E for everyone . IT teaches you bout life and how things work. How to build stuff, Anatomy as like me you gotta know bout the vertabrae and tail or something and w here everything should go or you end up with something that can't walk correctly . Fact kids will enjoy this. I have a little cousin who comes to visit she loves video games. I can't wait to see her try this out she loves animals too and will love this. I can say people who likes games such as Zoo tycoon, The sims, Sim City, people who love animals, fantasy animals, aliens., artwork, painting and drawing etc. This is your kind of game cause of it being your way. you build it the way you want it to come out.

Hope people give this a try and when the real game comes out I will be back with a review on that was well but spore is GREAT for all ages. I am 33 and i love it.