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Spore Creature Creator Trial

Reviewing: Maxis / Ea Games Creature Creator Demo/Trial  |  Rating:
By bloke on
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"I feel like God."

That's the first thing I thought after downloading and installing Maxis' recent release of the SPORE Creature Creator. (To learn more about what SPORE is, go to www.spore.com). The download is about 200MB; it's not too bad, so try it out now. It says you should have a 2GHz processor, but it works fine on lower settings if you dont have a faster computer available.

The game opens and you have the options to either load creatures you or Maxis have created, or to create a new creature yourself. They give you a basic body shape, and you can edit thickness, add limbs, eyes, mouths, horns, tails, etc. to your heart's desire.

Everything is visually pleasing. After you've added everything to your dream creature you want (which actually gives the creature speed, charm, attack, and brain points), you then move into "paint" mode. Here you can easily click to add stripes, spots, and scales, and then click again to change the color of each layer. Though it takes a while to load all the textures onto the creature, it's fascinating to watch the program figure out how to do everything to the wild custom creature you just built.

Did I mention that it's fun? After your frankenstein's monster is finished, you can test him out. Make sure he walks fine, and click different actions such as punching, flipping, dancing, and charming, to watch him carry them out. Even add baby forms of your creature to see them follow your creation around.

The only drawback is that you can't use some basic functions of it if you don't have a mouse with a scrollwheel, which I dont have for my laptop (see my previous review).

Still, try it out. Let your creativity go wild.