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Okay well, most of you know that EA has been working on putting together spore for quite a while now. I decided to buy the game and try it out.

You start out in a cell stage which only lasts about 15-25 minutes. Once you finish growing, you have the opportunity to evolve into the creature stage. Depending on what you ate as a cell, you will either be carnivore, herbivore or an omnivore. Once in the creature stage, you will be able to customize your creature to the max! There are all kinds of fun little things you can add to your character to make it sing, dance, fight, ect. better. The main thing you're trying to do in the creature stage is to go around and imitate other creatures to gain their appreciation (You get points called DNA). Once you gain enough DNA, you can evolve into the tribal stage. In the tribal stage, you get to control more than just one creature. You get to control your entire tribe! You basically go around and either gain the affection of other tribes by playing music for them, or waging war on them and destroying their entire camp. Once you have control of all of the tribes in the area, you can advance to the civilization stage. In the civilization stage, you lose the ability to control individual "people", but you gain the ability to control their automobiles, planes, and boats. You get to choose to take opposing civilizations by either force or by religion. You equip your cars, boats, and airplanes with either different types of weapons, or musical instruments/loudspeakers that broadcast your religion to other civilizations. After you have conquered all of the opposing civilizations, you get to evolve to the space stage! The space stage is defiantly the most fun out of all the stages. Once you start the space stage, you get to customize your space ship. You can travel all over your galaxy and search for suitable planets to colonize. There are a few tutorials that are considered quests to tell you how to terra form planets, stable ecosystems, set up a trade route, and many other things. The main objective in the space stage is to try to conquer all of the other advanced (ability to have space travel) civilizations by trade routes. This stage is the most exciting because you get to design entire ecosystems, set up trade routes, terra form planets, explore new planets, and even try to collect sets of ancient tablets and fossils.

Overall, the possibilities in this game are endless. You can always have fun designing new creatures and buildings. I myself have spent over 4 hours just designing buildings. This has to be one of the best strategy games I have ever played.