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Spore Galactic Edition Review

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By joshbenson on
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As many people know, Spore has been building a massive amount of hype for years. Whether it be the thought of creating your own species, or taking over an entire galaxy, the game was set to be a massive experience. For the most part, it succeeded.

Spore takes you through five stages of evolution, starting with you controlling a tiny cell and ending with you developing ships and venturing into space. As complex as it sounds, it's actually very simple. The creation sections all utilize simple drag and drop mechanics making it so that even younger gamers can create their own interesting creatures and have fun. The only time that things really get difficult is when you reach the space stage. Even then though, casual players will still be able to enjoy themselves.

As for the technical aspects of the game, they also shine. The game is easier than most games when it comes to system requirements. That doesn't mean the graphics are bad though. The game has tons of charm similar to Will Wright's past game series The Sims. That added to the clean graphics makes for a great visual display. The sound design and user interface also follow suit, staying clean and fitting with the rest of the game.

Overall, if you're a fan of either fun casual games or games that let you have a hand in creation, you'll enjoy Spore. It's not perfect but it's pretty close.