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Spore Spore Regular Edition Review

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Missy StGermain By Missy StGermain on
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First off I will warn people there is a thing in here DRM/Securom where it supposedly enables you to only install the game 3 times then you gotta call ea and buy another cd key off them or something. Hopefully I explained that right. That still didnt' stop me from buying the game that scare I read it all over the net all this and that almost damaging my dream to buy this game. I am glad I went with my gut instinct though and bought it even after the DRM scares and this and that. Had I not of bought it I would of missed out on a cool innovative game. There isn't another game out there on the market quite like spore and there probably never will be perhaps maybe Little Big Planet for the ps3 will be somewhat similiar where you build all your own stuff. Whats nice about spore is taking your creature from the single cell stage up through to the space stage and all those stops in between creature stage, tribal stage, civilization stage. Each stage plays differently and similar to other games you might of played in the past age of empires, civilzation. first off you got something called a sporepedia this has everyone who's playing the game who made lots of creatures with the spore creature creator before the game was released so you will see other players CRITTERS roaming around on your game. You can make friends/ buddies and you will see their creatures on your game. This game is only limited to your imagination so if thats limited you may be bored .If you have a open mind and a person into creativity and watching what you make come to live and survive and evolve then get spore. Honestly I can't see how anyone can get bored with this sure there are some people who will who'll want a action game then I say go for GTA or something but if you like sims 2 and games where you can MAKE your own gaming characters, vehicles, housing etc. then get spore. Spore is one of those games where get it yourself to find out what its like will apply to my review .I don't wanna give alotta spoilers so I will leave this and say I LOVE SPORE and glad i didn't let the drm warning scare me from getting such a cool vehicle to express creativity with. There's so much to spore it take along page, and lots of paragraphs and such to explain all in it and what it can do.