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Sport Pet Pop Up Crate

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dana By dana on
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I bought the Sport Pet X Large pop up crate for my dog a few months ago because we were about to embark on a lengthy road trip and one of my dogs doesn't behave very well in the car. My dog weighs 50 pounds, and even though the Large crate accomodates dogs up to 70 pounds, I decided on the X Large Crate so that he would have some room to move around.

The Sport Pet crates have some advantages over other dog crates. For one thing, the Sport Pet is extremely light weight, so carrying it around is not a hassle. The Sport Pet crate also collapses and folds up into a small pancake-like shape that can easily be stored anywhere. When you need to open the crate, you simply unfold it and it pops right up. I really liked this feature.

The Sport Pet crate is made of denier polyester. It is fairly durable, but if your dog is extremely hyperactive, he or she could rip through it. The sides and front of the crate are mesh so that your dog can see out, and the crate closes with a zipper.

Although I like the convenience of the Sport Pet, it is a bit flimsy. The sides had a tendency to bend when my dog moved around, but I found that placing one side of the crate up against a wall or against something flat inside my vehicle helped to steady the crate. I also found that the Sport Pet seems more practical for travelling than for everyday use in my home because of its lack of sturdiness.

Overall, the Sport Pet pop up crate is worth the price. It's great for the car, and the convenient size makes it ideal for hotels too.