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Sportline S7 Heart Rate Monitor

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Sportsline S7 Heart Rate Monitor is a good fit

It helps to have a little technology by your side when it comes to weight loss. The Sportline S7 Slim Heart Rate Monitor Watch has become one of the most important items in my quest to get in better shape. With its multifunction capability, I feel comfortable knowing when I’m doing my best to lose weight and when I need to push it a little more. It isn’t as good as the more expensive heart rate monitors, but you can get a lot of bang for the buck. It does have a very slim, lightweight design that doesn’t get in the way of a workout.

Sportline S7 Slim Heart Rate Monitor Watch Functions

There are functions expected of a sports watch such as a countdown timer, chronological timer and an alarm function. The most important function of the Sportline S7 is the pulse checker. There’s a large button on the bottom of the Sportline S7 watch that you hold down for about five seconds to give you your current pulse. I measured its accuracy by taking my pulse on various gym machines and there was maybe a 2 percent difference.

Another important Sportline S7 function is the age and sex entry option. These factors help calculate what percentage of your heart rate you are currently at. This is important when trying to determine if you are in the fat burn or cardio zone. This isn’t a perfect calculation because the Sportline S7 doesn’t allow for weight or V02 Max. However, it’s a good ballpark number to work off of. I also tested this number against gym machines and it’s accurate within 10 percent.

One of the more fickle functions is the calorie burn counter. I think it’s based on the Sportline S7 using your age and pulse to determine how hard your heart is working. I would advise against using this with 100 percent faith because, again, there is no calculation for rate.

Sportline S7 Overall

Overall the Sportline S7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch is a good way to get started with effective weight loss. If you use other more accurate online calculators to find out your fat burn and cardio zones, you can use your Sportline S7’s highly accurate pulse checker to make sure you are in those zones. You can see how even daily activities like walking and housework are pushing your body. I recommend the Sportline S7 Heart Rate Monitor Watch for a good start to a long life.